Sale, rent or holiday home, At No 19 Interior Design can work closely with you to quickly turn around current listings or, if the property is not yet on the market, significantly elevate its status.

At the time of valuation, if areas for improvement are obvious, or the vendor asks your advice, you may feel reluctant to comment in case you hurt their feelings or lose the instruction. Some are loathe to make changes believing buyers will want to ‘put their own stamp’ on the property; whilst true, most purchasers do not have the vision to see past the current owners’ possessions let alone envisage how they could live in the space. A property price sets up ‘buyer expectation’, if the presentation does not live up to that viewers will feel let down and walk away. Whilst YOU know exactly what factors help to sell a home, it is not always easy to achieve in a timely manner - an independent property stylist can help distance you from these issues whilst offering a "value added" service to your client.

Empty properties, especially those which are small or have an open plan layout can be notoriously difficult to sell. Staging these with rental furniture / furnishings has the potential to turn them around quickly for significantly less than the first reduction in price!

Staging properties will:

Get the property right from day one, prior to marketing, or if already on the market give it a fresh new look ready for re-launch

Help to meet expectations of the buyer

Increase chances of converting viewings to offers and in particular sway the decision of a ‘wavering’ buyer

Help the vendor to get the best possible price and move on in as short a time as possible

Benefit you by increasing the saleability of the property creating more ‘sold’ boards

Can be used as a valuable, innovative marketing tool to enhance your reputation as a forward thinking company to gain new instructions

To view examples of before and after home staging click here

Home staging -
get the property right
from day one

At No19 Interior Design and Home Staging for the New Forest, Hampshire and Dorset Val, thank you so much for your Home Staging report. We took up many of the recommendations you made, all of which were low cost options, but which made a huge difference to the end result. You will be delighted, but not surprised to learn that the house went under offer almost immediately and we are hoping to move within the month. At No19 Interior Design and Home Staging for the New Forest, Hampshire and Dorset


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